Five Ways to Read More

Do you hate to read? Do you find it extremely boring? Do you want to read more but find yourself unable to find the time? If you agreed with any of these questions, you probably don’t read much. But what you don’t realize is that you are missing out on a very enjoyable hobby that everyone will like, if they put their minds to it. Reading expands our vocabulary and knowledge, is a fun and exciting experience outside of your life, and is a great hobby. By following these five steps, you can become a better reader.

  1.      Choose a book you think you’ll like. Chances are, if you like the book, you’ll spend more time reading it. Go to the library or a bookstore regularly for more choices. Pick a book based on what it’s about, whether it interests you, and what you know about it. Do some research. Gather information about the book through websites like Goodreads, which can give you feedback from other readers about the book. Don’t judge a book by its cover (Eslbee).
  2.      Don’t think of reading as an assignment. Never feel that you have to read. Reading is a pastime, not something you’re forced to do, so don’t think of it that way. It’s your choice to read, so don’t think that you have to. If a book is not compelling to you, put it down. Not forever, just until you think you are ready to take it on again. Forcing yourself to finish a book you don’t like can ruin the whole experience of reading for you. When you find yourself bored with a book, put it down and move on to the next one (Johnson).
  3.      Avoid distractions. When you’re reading, focus only on the material you’re reading. Distractions will take you mind off of your book, and make it hard for you to concentrate. When reading, find a quiet place, like a library or book store, where you won’t be interrupted. If you find yourself constantly on the internet or your phone, turn it off. Don’t think about anything unrelated while reading (Babauta).
  4.      Set some time aside for reading. We all are very busy, with full schedules, but set aside some time for reading daily. Clear a spot in your schedule for reading at least twice a week. Anything you don’t really need to do, like washing the windows every day, drop it. This makes time for reading and other things. Start small; read only 20 minutes at a time at first and work your way up (Readwritethink).
  5.      Keep track of the books and genres you enjoy. Knowing what you like to read can be crucial in developing your reading habits. Keep track of the authors and genres you like to read; it can help you figure out what you’d like to read next. Reading books you are familiar with can make you more interested in reading and give you comfort. Depending on what you like, you can make choices that suit your palette. Trust your own judgment. Don’t be afraid to try new things (GreatSchools).

Reading is a wonderful and cherished hobby. By following these five easy steps, you will be well on your way to becoming an avid reader. Reading if not only beneficial for you, but can also bring people together. It is truly amazing what books can do. Reading is a hobby you can keep all of your life; something you will always enjoy. I guarantee that you will find at least one book that you’ll love.