If I Stay, by Gayle Forman


Yay! Finally got around to reading this!

Had this book on my reading list for quite a while, but ever since the movie came out, I told myself I absolutely needed to get it in my hands! Thankfully, I did, in an ebook form.

Story: At first, I thought the present-to-flashback pattern would bother me, but fortunately it didn’t, and I actually found myself enjoying it. The story was a bit slow at times, but I was able to look past that. One thing I especially loved about the story, was how relatable it was. Not the characters, but the story. I’ll get to the characters later. Usually romance-dramas are really melodramatic and soap opera-ish, but this one actually seemed like real life. There were some exceptions though,and some parts were a bit cheesy, and …. unusual. The scene where Mia “played Adam like a cello,” really, really got to me. I just found it unnecessary and weird. Also the part where Adam and Kim brought their “punk-rock” friends to create a distraction seemed extremely unrealistic.

Characters: The characters were fine for the most part. Mia was alright, even though I found her a bit bland and emotionless. In a way, I liked her bluntness, because I thought it kind of added to the way the story it was going, and it made her a little unique. I really liked it when she thought about life and death, what she should choose. I loved her passion for music, and I thought it really added to her personality. I could also relate because, I love classical music, even if I don’t play an orchestral instrument. I adored Kim, and thought her sense of humor was brilliant. It’s a good thing you can highlight in ebooks, because I need to remember those lines :). Adam was alright, he didn’t really shine for me, probably because he needed more background.

I did not like the parents. It’s refreshing to see parents like them in books, not the usual kind, and I liked that they were different, but I think their “uniqueness” went a little too far. They didn’t seem like parents at all! They were more like teenagers, actually. I don’t think regular parents would cuss in front of their children, or say any of the things that Mia’s parents say. They seemed a little too perfect, and it was quite irritating at times.

The whole theme of the book, music, was a great idea. It really drew me in, and I loved how Mia woke up listening to the cello.

Overall, I recommend this book to fans of realistic fiction, romance, and drama. I will certainly be reading the next one (actually kind of downloaded it), and will also be seeing the movie as soon as possible!

Haven Faye