Friday Brown, by Vikki Wakefield


Rating: 4 Stars

Originally I had a short paragraph on how much I loved this book, and I did, only I was still reeling from the emotions and didn’t really get a chance to think about how good the book really is. So, after a few days, I’ve downgraded my rating to 4 stars, and you’ll soon find out why.

Friday Brown, a scarcely-known Australian book, is about Friday, who runs away from home and her family curse following her mother’s death. In the city, she meets up with Silence, a mute boy who takes her in, and a group of kids led by a motherly figure named Arden.

What I love most about this book is the characterization. Friday is a strong female lead, and I loved seeing her world through her eyes. All the other side characters were well layered as well, each having their own stories and personalities.

Who really stole my heart was Silence, and he’s the main reason for this 4-star rating. His tragic tale of his past, and how he lost his voice made me develop a serious emotional attachment to him. His relationship with Friday is beautifully written, perfect and realistic. I loved every moment of it.

However, the major problem I had with this book was that it had no point. It starts off as a tale about her family curse and destiny, then becomes one of her life in the city with Arden’s gang, and then goes into a horror-movie like plot where everything crashes down in a manner that just becomes unrealistic and random. I did not expect the plot to go the way it did, and am almost disappointed that it left the beautiful narration that was the first half of the book.

I loved this book; I really did. I found myself neglecting my life as I read this book, completely enraptured in the life of Friday. I would have liked for it to have a more solid plot, but just the attachment you will develop for these characters will make Friday Brown well worth reading.