Sever, by Lauren Destefano

Actual Rating: 3.5

It’s actually been a while since I’ve read this, but since I reviewed the other two books in the series, I didn’t want to leave it unfinished.

In Sever, Rhine is still trying to figure out all the answers to her questions, while taking refugee in Vaughn’s estranged brother’s house, Reed. She struggles to find her twin brother,Rowen, who is part of a resistance group, before he does something disastrous.

Story: I was expecting a bit more action, as most of the final books in a trilogy have, but to be honest, I liked the story in Sever just fine. At some points, I felt like Destefano was just adding random It was only in this book that I discovered how beautiful Destefano’s writing is. It’s so pretty! The way she describes things really made reading this book a lot more addicting than it actually is.

Characters: The only character that saved this book from No Personality Syndrome was Cecily, which is interesting since I ranted about how stupid I thought she was in my review of Wither. She was the only one in this book that actually felt realistic and alive. Rhine, completely fell flat for me. She just felt…dead. She was a bit bland to start with, I admit, but at least in the first book she was determined to escape or whatever. I did mention in my Fever review, that I was beginning to like Linden, but all those thoughts went down the drain for this one. Throughout this book, I just got a depressed, confused, and mopey vibe from him. I just wish he would take charge of something and you know, be a man!

There were a lot of minor things that pissed me off, but overall, I thought it was an adequate finish to the series. I would recommend this to fans of science-fiction and romance(but mostly romance).

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