These Broken Stars, by Amie Kaufman

Let me just start out by saying that this isn’t a bad book. I actually recommend it. But it is just a matter of whether it is for you or not.

The majority of the people that read this book seemed to like it, so there is a very small chance that you won’t enjoy this fantasy novel.

But read the review anyway.

Story: I loved the first 40%. It progressed greatly, not too slow and not too fast. The rest of the story dragged a bit for me. Something just needed to reallyhappen, and most of the time it seemed like all these events were thrown together to move forth Tarver and Lilac’s romance. But then again, this is just me.

Characters: Tarver is great and all, but he has the tendency to be very romantic it almost looks sappy. Scratch that, he is sappy. All I ever hear from Tarver is about how great Lilac is, how pretty she is, and how badly he wants to protect her. I won’t press the matter, because every character has their flaws, but still it’s annoying.

Lilac… I don’t really know. I never really connected with her. Sometimes it annoyed me how skilled she was with wires and crap, because she was so close to being a mary-sue. Thankfully she redeemed herself. Somewhat. I still don’t like her as much as I want to.

The Romance: I liked how their romance progressed slowly, but I didn’t like how fast it went after that, and by “that” I mean the confessing-the-love-to-eachother scene, if you know what I mean. *giggles*
God, I can be so immature sometimes. Anyway, after that scene, it went back to that couples stage, where they can’t help but kiss each other every 10 minutes. I mean, you’re in a survival story here!

I do admit, as much as I don’t enjoy Tarver and Lilac, I did feel sad when (view spoiler)

Overall, this book simply wasn’t for me. There are many good things apart from the “bad” things. The writing and world-building is exquisite, paving the way for a sequel. I will read the next one, as I have found out that it doesn’t follow the story of Tarver and Lilac(but that’s not the only reason, I’m not hating!). I bet a lot of you will enjoy this book, and I strongly recommend it!

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