Evermore, By Alyson Noel

Evermore by Alyson Noel

Rating: 2.5

*Le sigh* Where to start, where to start?

I was expecting this book to be absolutely horrible, but… it surprised me. I’ll let you be the judge of what kind of surprise it was.

Story: The story was fine, but it felt so underdeveloped and quickly done. I admit, I did like it at first, but it soon started dragging and I was completely bored around the end. Another thing, Noel obviously did not do her research. Being psychic does not mean you immediately know every answer on a test or a person’s life story. It means you get glimpses of the future. Like, everybody knows that.

Characters: All the characters were quite lacking in personality and human-like nature.

Ever: Okay, first let’s talk about this name. Ever? Really? That’s like naming your kid “not” or “noun.” What bothers me even more is that her younger sister, Riley, has a perfectly normal name while the older one is named after an adverb. Anyway, at first I thought Ever was a pretty solid character, and then Damen kicked in, and you know, brain cells went bye bye. After that, she just whined and whined. The girl can’t appreciate what she has, which is basically everything. At times, I thought it was okay because of that “everyone has a personality” crap that I can’t help but stick to, but at other times, she was barely tolerable. She literally has every single thing someone would dream of, yet she still pities herself for everything. Yes, she lost her family, which is very sad, but we never see her thinking about them! One would think Ever would think about her parents all the time and talk about how much she misses them, but no! All she ever does is grumble how the “accident was all her fault” and “how she was so stupid.” You’re still stupid, Ever. Just saying. And are we forgetting the fact that she’s a complete Mary-Sue? She drop-dead gorgeous, smart, endearing, everyone loves her, and she has false psychic abilities! How do all these YA heroines never appreciate what super cool superpowers they have! Like, seriously, do you know how much us mundane humans yearn for a simple supernatural ability? Geez.

Damen: This dude was Creepy with a capital C. I honestly don’t think Edward Cullen matches Damen’s stalker ability. How do you find this guy attractive? Does the fact that he can do EVERY SINGLE DANG THING help? No sir, it actually doesn’t. I would much rather prefer a flawed, funny, realistic male character than a perfect one. Damen Auguste absolutely had no freaking personality and his hotness amounted to nothing. That is my conclusion.

I shall not write about the rest of the characters because I honestly have nothing to say about them. Miles was your stereotypical gay friend. Haven was your stereotypical goth. Stacia and Honor were classic mean girls and Drina was just a crazy serial killer.

The Romance: Insta-love. What else is there to say? Ever falls in love with Damen(I really don’t get how) within the first 50 pages. This kind of “love” is not at all realistic at all. It is not even considered love! Nobody can fall in love with a person within 3 days. All Ever and Damen have is simply infatuation.

Normally I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone, but if you thought that Twilight and Hush, Hush were literary masterpieces, then this would be the book for you. I might read the next one, as to see where Noel will take this series and hopefully if it would be a little better, but for now, and possible forEVER, Evermore will remain on my terribleness shelf.

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