Under The Never Sky, by Veronica Rossi


“She absorbed the terror and beauty of him and his world. Of every moment over the past days. All of it, filling her up like the first breath she’d ever taken. And never had she loved life more.”

Under The Never Sky is a science-fiction book about Aria and Perry, whose lives come together when they both set out to retrieve and bring back lost family members.

I enjoyed the story quite nicely. The action-sequences managed to keep me very engaged and really had me on the edge of my seat at moments! Surprisingly, even though the writing was actually a bit repetitive, I was able to feel the emotions and understand Perry and Aria quite vividly.

I absolutely loved Perry. This is normally the part where I would rant about having a personality and whatnot, but shockingly, even though Perry isn’t my type of guy, I liked him! My perfect fictional guy would usually consist of being funny, witty, and having that overall sense of goofiness, but I can make an exception. Perry felt so real, and I felt his pain throughout the entire book. He was sincere and honest from the beginning to the very end. Aria was a different story. I never really connected with her, probably because she had no flaws at all. She’s absolutely beautiful(which many characters feel the need to mention), she’s an incredible singer, she has a (view spoiler), and get this: her freaking period smells like flowers.

Moving on!

The romance reminded me of Lilac and Tarver’s romance in These Broken Stars for some reason. The progression of it was nice, but it felt a bit forced. Aria and Perry are very different and came from completely unalike backgrounds(even more than Lilac and Tarver). Even though there was no insta-love, I felt like their love was fueled by their infatuation with each other.

The third person POV somewhat helped because I liked the secondary characters as well. Somehow, it was sort of easy to understand each and every person’s problems or personality in UTNS. Roar was one of my favorite characters and was somewhat of a comic relief in the group. I hope we see him more in the next book.

I was a bit confused with the world-building at first, as all the terms and phrases came pretty quickly. Fortunately, I warmed up to it, and it ended up being interesting and eccentric! I admit though, it is a bit sketchy. There isn’t a lot of explanation for how things came to be and how they work, which does divert from the dystopian aspect. I still don’t understand what the Aether or the Unity is(seems like nobody does), but I am really looking forward to finding out!

Overall, I would recommend Under The Never Sky to fans of science-fiction and romance. I am looking forward to reading Through The Ever Night with hopes of more answers to all this coolness. 🙂



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