The Liebster Award

This has taken a while for us to get back to, considering we were both super busy and had communication issues. But we’re super excited to finally get to this!

First of all, thank you to Blaise at the Book Boulevard for nominating us! It means a lot and has really helped us feel accomplished as a blog. 🙂

For those of you who don’t know, the Liebster Award is basically a chain award passed around by bloggers in an attempt to spread the word about other blogs. The rules have morphed over time, but here are the ones we received from Blaise.

  1. Answer the eleven questions that were asked by the blogger(s) who nominated you
  2. Nominate 11 bloggers (if you can) that have less than 350 followers (the number is set by the blogger who nominated you)
  3. Notify them in their blog to say that they have been nominated
  4. Ask them 11 questions that they’ll answer
  5. Do it again, as many times as you get nominated!

Anyway, here are the answers to the questions we received:

1.) Would you rather be able to fly or breathe underwater?
Aliza: I would say fly, because swimming is just not my thing, my one attempt at joining a swim team ended up with me hiding from to coach to avoid it. Plus, it would be really cool to fly.
Haven: I suppose swimming would be easier if you are able to breathe underwater, since breathing while swimming is my main problem. But, I would also have to say flying. It is way more thrilling, and I’m not the best swimmer anyway.

2.) Do you read manga/graphic novels? How is the experience different than reading without images?
Aliza: I’m not that big of a reader of graphic novels, the only comic I’ve really read being the Avatar the Last Airbender comics (and I don’t care if that show’s for 7-year-olds, you’re never too old for Avatar. Although I probably am pretty old for those). I’ve also tried some other graphic novel adaptations after I read the original novel, and honestly, I don’t feel the same involvement as I do with normal novels. The one advantage I’d say comics have are the ability to be very similar to the experience of watching TV, which gives a completely different feel to it.
Haven: I don’t read a lot of graphics, besides Avatar: The Last Airbender ones, which I actually read online. I’m personally not a fan, I prefer regular novels.
3.) Do you eat or drink while reading? Why or why not? If yes, what?
Aliza: I don’t usually, because I end up getting food all over the book and myself, but if I do, I would eat a piece of chocolate or some chips, just assorted snacks.
Haven: It depends. Usually when I buy the book, I’m very protective and I don’t eat of drink at all while reading(it eventually backfires though :D), but when it’s a book from the library, sure! I usually eat whatever, there isn’t a lot of junk food around my place(sadly).
4.) Do you have favorite reading spots/environments? What are they?
Aliza: Libraries. I can read just about anywhere, no matter how loud it is, due to the fact that I’m always surrounded by noise, but there just something about libraries that make them the perfect place to read. Although usually, when I do go to a library, I’m too caught up in looking through all the books and resisting the urge to check them all out that I don’t end up doing a ton of actual reading.
Haven: I can read wherever. I usually read on my bed or a sofa, but libraries and bookstores are certainly a favorite. I do have to agree with Aliza though, the sight of other books usually distract me :).
5.) How easy is it (for a book) to make you laugh? To make you cry?
Aliza: It’s not extremely difficult, actually. I’ve cried for several books, and the book doesn’t even have to be all that sad for me to cry. In fact, I’ve read the ending of Clockwork Princess about 8 times, and I still cry over it. Laughing, however, is a different matter.  While it’s very easy for a book to make me smile, very, very few books have made me outright laugh out loud. Maybe I’m a generally melancholy person, but when a book does make me laugh, it almost instantly makes my favorites list.
Haven: I think it is pretty easy to make me laugh, and I especially love books that do. I wish humor was more incorporated in YA these days. I have never cried because of a book and maybe I never will, because I am a pretty soulless person. Even in real life, it takes a lot for me to show emotion, because I guess I’m just not comfortable with it. But it doesn’t take a lot for me to laugh, so that’s good. 🙂
6.) What’s a reading habit you’re trying to break/acquire?
Haven: A reading habit I am trying to break, is trying to not treat reading like a job. I love reading, but nowadays I won’t read books unless they are already on my Goodreads, and that is not good. I need to find the love that I have for reading again, and not treat it like a task.
Aliza: A reading habit that I’ve recently acquired that drives me crazy is DNFing. While I don’t have a personal principle against DNFing (unlike the people that are like, “This book is absolutely horrible, but I HAVE to finish it no matter what”), my recent discovery of downloadable ebooks has caused me to get one book, but then get another while in the middle of the first book and “dropping” the first book, whether its good or not. So many books are capturing my attention, the one I end up actually finishing is the one I downloaded most recently, not the one that’s actually the best.
7.) What are your thoughts on book hype?
Haven: I don’t read hyped books just because everyone is reading it, but I do eventually read them. I don’t really like it when books are hyped, especially when I go into it after all the critical-acclaim, because I put my expectations too high and that usually results in disliking it.
Aliza: Considering I spend a lot of time on Goodreads reading reviews, the books I find with a lot of ratings are the hyped ones. However, I tend not to only stick to the popular books, and I do find an occasional gem sometimes. 🙂
8.) Do you ever go into a book “blind?” Why?
Haven: Hmm… not really. I usually look up the book on Goodreads, and read the synopsis first.
Aliza: Not recently, because I usually have a better reading experience (with less risk) after reading reviews on Goodreads. The thing about that is it usually already sets my expectations for the book before I read it, so a book that I would have otherwise loved becomes, “Meh, I kinda figured it was going to be good anyway, so nothing special.” So sometimes I do go into a book blind. The last time I did that was for Twisted Fate though, which kind of made me reluctant to try it again.
9.) Do you watch booktube as well as blogging? Why or why not?
Haven: I recently watched started watching booktube, but I only watch original videos instead of reviews. I prefer reviews in written form. I usually watch to get post ideas for our blog.
Aliza: I haven’t started, but it’s on my mental to-do list of things to get to. My time of YouTube itself is very minimal, so I guess I never really got to it. I will in the near future though. 😉
10.) What sort of reviews are easiest for you to write? Most difficult?
Haven: I find writing reviews for books I didn’t like, easier, and books I loved, harder. I guess writing reviews for great books won’t really do the book justice.
Aliza: I think its easiest to review books that are in the middle of the spectrum, one that I thought were okay. That may seem backwards to you, but it’s easier to accurately and calmly point out the flaws and good things in a book when I’m not too emotional.
11.) Who’s the first character to come to mind when I say, “food?” Why?
Haven: Elisa, from The Girl of Fire and Thorns. I haven’t read it yet, but I heard she loves eating. A lot.
Aliza: Just about all the characters in Hungry. I haven’t read it, but it’s about a world where food doesn’t exist, which is totally interesting.
We nominate…(and if you’ve already gotten this award, sorry, you don’t have to do this again)
  1.  YA Book Nerd
  2. Rather Be Reading
  3. Young Adult Book Addict
  4. Katie’s Book Blog
  5. InfiniteBooks
  6. Gabby The Dauntless Warlock
  7. The Queen of Teen Fiction
  8. Catching Books
  9. Good Books And A Random Movie
  10. Tay’s Bookshelf
Here are our questions!
1) Who is your favorite female and male character from any book/series?
2) Do you prefer buying books or going to the library and checking them out?
3) What are your favorite book-to-movie adaptations?
4) Which character from any book/series would you like to be for a day?
5) Sarcastic characters: amazing or irritating?
6) What irritates you the most in a certain book?
7) What’s your biggest pet peeve when it comes to reading habits/behaviors?
8) What are your thoughts on DNFing?
9) What book do you think has one of the most unique concepts ever?
10) Do you think you would make a good author?
11) How do you find new books to read?
Thanks again for the nomination, Blaise! Happy Reading!
~ Haven + Aliza

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