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Flashback Friday: My age-old obsession with The Princess Diaries series

Hey guys! This week has actually been so stressful for me, and with an equally grueling weekend coming up, I decided to indulge myself in the blog today and come up with some new ideas and original posts. I’ve noticed that the amount of variety on M&B has become pretty scarce, as all I seem to be posting is updates on new releases and the regular book reviews. So, I decided to do something different today, and that ‘something’ would be my participation in the ever-popular daily book blog memes. Today’s meme is ‘Flashback Friday’, which is centered on looking fondly upon books from our pasts that we’ve loved. This meme is hosted by Bookshelf Fantasies, and today I’ll be visiting a forever favorite book, or series rather, The Princess Diaries.

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I used to love Meg Cabot books around middle school, and I have practically read most of what she wrote (which is a whole lot), but this series affected me the most. The Princess Diaries started out pretty unassuming to me, but the books just got more and more fun, crazy, and emotional as the series went on. It was dramatic, hilarious, and just silly sometimes (okay, most of the time) and I might consider it vapid and annoying if I tried to take it seriously in present-day, but I remember being so emotionally attached to these characters and their relationships. Princess Forever made my life and destroyed it simultaneously (basically what happens to all finales) and the series as a whole took me on a fun and fluffy journey. Making this post brought back a wave of nostalgia, and I’ll definitely be re-reading this series soon.

Thanks for reading, peeps! I’ll be back soon with more meme posts and other variety to spice up this blog. 🙂